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Re: Want some help? ("Will hack for CDs")

> Martin> Right now it doesn't make much sense selling ppc cds.  The
> Martin> system doesn't yet boot off off a cd nor do we have a powerpc
> Martin> boot disk set.  This is one of the things we should consider
> Martin> for Oldenburg.  It would be helpful if you could try to work
> Martin> something out so we would have a start.
> I thought someone was already working on boot floppies (I think I saw
> a few postings in the archive about this).

Yes, i'm the one. 

The first step is that the boot-floppies script generates cleanly the
base2.1.tar.gz. To do this cleanly means, i need a kernel-image
package and one of the base package (perl-xxxx) needs the debian-info
file (this is a bug!). 

For the kernel-image package: i think espy is working on that, and Manoj
will upload a new kernel-package in the next days.
For the kernel-image we must decide if we want only a generic image
(for all powerpc systems) or for each one. For each one means:

APUS, CHRP, MBR, PMac, PReP and possible also one for G3 based systems.

Also: in one or two month it must be clear if linux-2.2 exist!!!!! Should
it be available, we need the powerpc diff for this (cvs versus public kernel
tree). I hope i have then the boot-floppies available, if not we should
have a CDRom  with a little description for the users how to start 
(boot, install, setup, ...) linux on powerpc.

During this time we need help for porting the last 30% of all debian
packages. And don't forget the updates (one or two a day)!!!


So, i hope this will help a little bit for `Whats going on`. 

If you don't like such reports (they cost missing time for development,
but i do it gladly) just say it. 

Greetings,   (and back to html)


PS: only for espy - did you talk again to me?

 Hartmut Koptein                                       EMail:
 Friedrich-van-Senden-Str. 7                           koptein@et-inf.fho-emden.de
 26603 Aurich   
 Tel.: +49-4941-10390                                  koptein@debian.org

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