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Re: what is already there?

Nicolai Czempin writes:

> Okay, I found
> <ftp://ftp.debian.org//pub/debian/hamm/hamm/source/base/dpkg_1.4.0.19.tar.gz>
> downloading now.
> Where can I find a ppc binary of dpkg that's not in .deb format?
> Or can I unpack .deb with rpm?
> Will the above simply compile? (I know, I'll see myself)

Opposite to RedHat Debian doesn't use proprietery software.  If you don't
have a working dpkg handy you can extract the files inside of a .deb
with standard unix tools.  Just use "ar -x abc.deb" which will result
in at least data.tar.gz which contain all the data files.



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