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Re: Booting from cdrom

Nicolai Czempin writes:
> Vincent Renardias wrote:

> > > could anyone tell me the command I have to enter in OpenFirmware to
> > > boot the machine from cdrom?  "cdrom", "c", "boot cdrom" doesn't work
> > > and I can't find the trick but it must exist.
> > >
> > > Dunno why, but hitting 'c' and exchanging the cdrom after the machine
> > > is turned on doesn't work now.  I'd like not to change OF settings as
> > > my Linux won't be accessable then.
> > 
> > Pressing 'c' at the very beggining of the boot sequence is enough usually.
> > (On Apple's at least, maybe your Motorola is behaving differently?)
> I think he wants it to happen automatically, not press c every time.

Nope.  I wanted it to boot from cdrom *ONCE*.  That machine kept on booting
from disk and I wasn't able to find the program 'selecting boot device'
which I have seen on the cdrom once.  I needed to boot from cdrom in
order to remove the existing MacOS and install it on a shorter partition
to free 2.1gb for our Linux development.

An introduction of the commandset of OpenFirmware would be nice but
I haven't found one.

> you should look in the device tree what the cd is called. assuming it is

Neat idea, but how does I do this?  I'm not a OF freak - and even that
I know something about it now, I wasn't able to find the cdrom, I found
the two scsi disks and the ide disk but no cdrom.  One hour later and
I would have taken a scsi cdrom from another machine...

> an scsi disk on the internal bus (you have a 7500, right? I think it has

It's an internal ide cdrom, standard pc hardware.

Nope, it's a StarMax 4000 (Motorola clone)

> two scsi busses):
> scsi-int/sd@X:0
> where the X is the scsi ID

On this system scsi-int == scsi as well as ata == ata-int (couldn't test this)



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