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Re: what is already there?

On Mon, 27 Oct 1997, Nicolai Czempin wrote:

> I have a Redhat system running. Where do I find the Debian
> depackager as source.tar.gz or rpm?

On ftp.debian.org:/pub/debian/hamm/binary-ppc/somedir/

> How can I start getting going on a PowerPC Debian?

There not much done by now.
AFAIK, the set of ppc packages have only been used by Klee Dienes and I.
Basically, all you have to do, is:

1/ Install dpkg.
2/ replace the rpm package by the corresponding deb package when possible.
(rpm -e xxx ; dpkg -i xxx.deb)
(make sure not to mess up sysvinit, etc...)
3/ remove rpm: 'rpm -e rpm'.

And you'll end up with a system '10% RedHat, 90% Debian'.
>From there, you can dl new src packages and compile them.

(yes, this 'ppc install procedure' is short, but not only there's not much
done by now, but it also has been 3 months since I didn't worked on
debian/ppc since my friend who owned the machine needed it for 'real
work'. I should be able to have access to another ppc soon hopefully.


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