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Re: what is already there?

Vincent Renardias wrote:
> On Mon, 27 Oct 1997, Nicolai Czempin wrote:
> > I have a Redhat system running. Where do I find the Debian
> > depackager as source.tar.gz or rpm?
> On ftp.debian.org:/pub/debian/hamm/binary-ppc/somedir/
> > How can I start getting going on a PowerPC Debian?
> There not much done by now.
> AFAIK, the set of ppc packages have only been used by Klee Dienes and I.
> Basically, all you have to do, is:
> 1/ Install dpkg.
> 2/ replace the rpm package by the corresponding deb package when possible.
> (rpm -e xxx ; dpkg -i xxx.deb)
> (make sure not to mess up sysvinit, etc...)
> 3/ remove rpm: 'rpm -e rpm'.
> And you'll end up with a system '10% RedHat, 90% Debian'.
> >From there, you can dl new src packages and compile them.

Okay, I found
downloading now.
Where can I find a ppc binary of dpkg that's not in .deb format?
Or can I unpack .deb with rpm?
Will the above simply compile? (I know, I'll see myself)

mfg nc

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