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Re: Request for rename of linux-ppc

Pete Templin writes:

> > As the architecture string for PowerPC binaries is 'powerpc' I hereby
> > request debian-ppc@lists.debian.org to be renamed to
> > debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org to reduce confusement.
> Joey,
> 	I seem to remember some discussion (perhaps by Vincent Renardias,
> but I certainly could be wrong) that we should standardize one way or the
> other.  If you can get me information on the results of that concensus,
> I'll gladly change the name.

I believe that new stable name is 'powerpc'.  Early binaries for the
PowerPC architecture were called 'ppc'.  I don't know why but this
has changed - I even would prefer 'ppc' before 'powerpc' but I also
like to have Debian consistant.  So if the architecture name was
changed, the corresponding list should be changed, too.

Vincent, please correct me if I'm wrong.



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