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Bug#137172: removing Dan Quinlan's addr from policy

On Thu, Mar 07, 2002 at 12:51:04AM -0800, Chris Waters wrote:

> But if [Dan Quinlan] is no longer the contact, then I think that we
> do need to remove [his] name/email.

Hi, this doesn't seem to be moving forward.  There's only one second.
We either need a second second (as it were), or we need some policy
editor to decide that a change of this nature doesn't require seconds
(a more reasonable approach IMO), and just to fix it.

To recap: Dan Quinlan is no longer the FHS contact, and would like us
to remove his email from policy.  This is a simple administrative
change, with no functional effect on Debian whatsoever, but it needs
to be done.  Freeze or no freeze.

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