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Bug#137172: debian-policy: FHS section requires updates

On Thu, Mar 07, 2002 at 10:57:41AM -0800, Daniel Quinlan wrote:
> > However, I'm not sure how you reached the ch10.html file, since it's not
> > linked from the new index.html...
> I reached it via the Debian search engine (first three hits are the
> old version).
>   http://search.debian.org/index?ps=10&q=debian+policy+FHS&ps=20&o=0&m=and&ul=&lang=en
> It probably could have been any search engine.

I see. That will be updated soon, too. (I think I have the permissions to
rerun the indexing script, but I haven't read the documentation yet :)

As for the other search engines, they'll figure it out with the next crawl I

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