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Bug#137172: debian-policy: FHS section requires updates

On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 09:58:29PM -0800, Daniel Quinlan wrote:
> Package: debian-policy
> Version: N/A

The version does matter, because, as it happens, what you've got there
is not the current version of policy.  (I know, because I was the last
one to touch that paragraph.)

>   - gets name of standard right

Change already made.

>   - removes my name and email (I am no longer the primary maintainer)
>   - adds mention of FHS mailing list

Seems reasonable.  Even though we're in freeze, I think that this
change is probably justified.

Here's the _actual_ current wording (from policy 3.5.6.):

	    The location of all installed files and directories must
	    comply with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS),
	    except where doing so would violate other terms of Debian
	    Policy. The latest version of this document can be found
	    in the <tt>debian-policy</tt> package or on 
	    <url id="http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/fhs";
	      name="FHS (Debian copy)"> alongside this manual or on 
	    <url id="http://www.pathname.com/fhs/"; name="FHS (upstream)">.
	    Specific questions about following the standard may be
	    asked on the <tt>debian-devel</tt> mailing list, or
	    referred to Daniel Quinlan, the FHS coordinator, at

So, I suggest that a reasonable patch would be:

- 	    referred to Daniel Quinlan, the FHS coordinator, at
- 	    <email>quinlan@pathname.com</email>.
+ 	    referred to the FHS mailing list (see the FHS web site
+ 	    for more information).

> Someone should really specify the <VERSION>

I think we discussed that at some point.  I'm not sure why we decided
not to do it, but since we're in a freeze, we probably should stick
with what we have.

But if you're no longer the contact, then I think that we do need to
remove your name/email.

I suppose this proposal needs a second....
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