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Re: Bug#51842: [PROPOSED] closing hole in DFSG that can force you to include some text in advertisement

>>"Joey" == Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

 Joey> Ok, perhaps it wasn't clear. My meaning was that I think we
 Joey> should solicit Bruce's opinion on any changes to the DFSG. It

        I fail to see why one would do that any more than, say, RMS or
 ESR, or Alan Cox or Linus. 

 Joey> would just be one opinion amoung many, I'm sure.

 Joey> I think it's useful to look at Bruce as the upstream author of
 Joey> the DFSG.  After all, he is the primary author. My

        No way in hell. The DFSG was written during a prolonged
 discussion, and the mailing list contributed to the final form. Buce
 is not more the upstream author of the DFSG than CHristian Schartz is
 the upstream author of Debian policy.

        Secondly, Debian should be in total charge of the criteria
 that the project uses to define what is free and what is not.  This
 is a core, critical, aspect of the Pr5oject, and in no way, shape, or
 form should it be under external decisi0on or influence.

        If we can't even claim ownership of the DFSG, I shall
 seriously launchan effort to disown it, and start over with a
 document we can control.

        This is a major deal to me.

 Joey> conversations with him have revealed that he has a deeper
 Joey> understanding of the tradeoffs involved in it and the
 Joey> underlying reasons for what is currently in it than most other
 Joey> people do, and thus I value his advise on the DFSG.

        I value lots of peoples advice. ESR. Linus. Alan Cox. The
 Pope. My wife.  Does that mean they control what Debian decides is
 free? Heck, no. 

 Joey> Just like with a normal upstream author, we should try to avoid
 Joey> a fork.

        I totally reject the notion that there is an upstrewam author
 involved. But, if there is, we should rescind the document and create
 a new one, whenever we so desire.

 Joey>   However, just as with a normal upstream author, we
 Joey> reserve the right to override their decisions if that is
 Joey> necessary for Debian.

        I would not like to be beholden to an outsider for something
 that is at the core of the project. 

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