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Re: Bug#51842: [PROPOSED] closing hole in DFSG that can force you to include some text in advertisement

>>"Joey" == Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

 Joey> Bruce is the main author of the DFSG. We owe him some common courtesy. 

        There is common courtesy where we inform Bruce (Hey Bruce: we
 changed the DFSG), and then there is the requiring approval thing. I
 have no objection to the former, I do to the latter.

 Joey> We don't want to fragemnt the OSD and the DFSG. Such a
 Joey> fragmentation would be bad for both documents.

        Quite so. But just because something is a bad idea does not
 mean one is not empowered to do so. If some one were to try and
 change the DFSG, I would oppose it, until shown very good reason to
 change the DFSG (and I can't imagine what those could be), but I
 still defend the right of the project to actually change what we
 define as free if we all so choose.

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