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Bug#51842: [PROPOSED] closing hole in DFSG that can force you to include some text in advertisement

package: debian-policy
severity: wishlist

beacause any otherwise DFSG-compatible package can possibly
force you to include something like :
`This software contains code made by Fooniversity of Somewhere'
in advertisement of your distro ( even of official Debian ) :

--- policy.sgml.old	Fri Nov  5 00:46:28 1999
+++ policy.sgml	Thu Dec  2 21:41:55 1999
@@ -228,6 +228,17 @@
 		other fee for such sale.
+	    <tag>Free Advertising
+	    </tag>
+	    <item>
+	      <p>
+		The license of a Debian component may restrict
+		referencing to author in it's advertisement
+		but can not force inclusion of any text nor any
+		other element in advertisement of neither program
+		nor distribution containing this program.
+	      </p>
+	    </item>
 	    <tag>Source Code

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