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Re: Bug#51842: [PROPOSED] closing hole in DFSG that can force you to include some text in advertisement

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         I beg pardon. As I understand it, to run something by someone
>  implies getting consent. Is that now what you meant? If run something
>  by means mention in passing, well and good. Anything beyond that is
>  undue external influence ;-)

Ok, perhaps it wasn't clear. My meaning was that I think we should solicit
Bruce's opinion on any changes to the DFSG. It would just be one opinion
amoung many, I'm sure.

I think it's useful to look at Bruce as the upstream author of the DFSG.
After all, he is the primary author. My conversations with him have revealed
that he has a deeper understanding of the tradeoffs involved in it and the
underlying reasons for what is currently in it than most other people do,
and thus I value his advise on the DFSG.

Just like with a normal upstream author, we should try to avoid a fork.
However, just as with a normal upstream author, we reserve the right to
override their decisions if that is necessary for Debian.

see shy jo

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