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Re: [PROPOSAL] moving the menu hierarchy into debian policy

Previously Chris Waters wrote:
> Well, a) people don't pay attention to it, b) none of the discussions
> about how and what to change have gotten anywhere, and c) based on the
> evidence of b, there's actually no reason to believe that it *will* be
> changing anytime soon, beyond the proposal that joeyh and I have
> hammered out.

I have never seen that proposal anywhere that I can remember which would
explain a) and b). If you announce it loud enough (debian-devel-announce,
[PROPOSAL] in the subject or so) you will get attention.

> My real problem with wichert's objection is that it seems to be a sort
> of meta-objection: "I object to this because people might object to
> this". 

I object myself. I feel that putting something in policy which we already
know is not completely correct (otherwise it wouldn't need to be changed)
is really silly and reduces the value of policy.


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