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Re: [PROPOSAL] moving the menu hierarchy into debian policy

James LewisMoss <dres@ioa.com> writes:

> I agree with Wichert.  It's already pseudo-policy (everyone pays
> attention to it).  Why put it into the policy manual now if it will
> shortly be changing?

Well, a) people don't pay attention to it, b) none of the discussions
about how and what to change have gotten anywhere, and c) based on the
evidence of b, there's actually no reason to believe that it *will* be
changing anytime soon, beyond the proposal that joeyh and I have
hammered out.

I'd love to be proven wrong about b and c, however, so if we can
hammer out a better policy than the one we have, great.  Otherwise, I
say go with what we have.

My real problem with wichert's objection is that it seems to be a sort
of meta-objection: "I object to this because people might object to
this".  I'd much rather see some concrete objections or suggestions.
If there are any that we haven't already rejected for various reasons.

I think the menu system is too nice of a feature to leave hanging in
the wind the way it seems to be at the moment, so *any* movement on
this issue will be a good thing in my book.

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