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Re: No more Icc profile embedded with photos ?

First of all, thanks for the link! Really Interesting!

For the ArgyllCMS example... I'll try to create a short description in the Wiki and will post the process of the work here later on.

But the conclusion of the blog is something, I would not sign (don't know, how to express that in english, hope I could make me understand...)

I'm quite happy with my full color-managed workflow under debian and if you are interested, please read on for a short description:

I was using FreeBSD and Linux exclusively for years, till I switched from the analog photography one day to digital. I didn't found an application environment which (I thought) filled my needs. So I decided to install the Windows Operating System on a seperate Harddisk to go there with Capture NX. But after 2 Years of using it, I didn't want to switch between different Operating-Systems with dual-boot and the used Application for image-editing was slow and could really support a bit better my workflow, which was "well-trodden" in the meantime.

Than I stumbled across *bibble*, I tried it for the time of the evaluation period and with the yield of 2 or 3 football-events and was really exalted. Really fast and my workflow with bibble wins a lot. (and color-management is possible). So I switched to bibble and till than, I have now again a linux-only box for my day to day work.

Things that couldn't be done with bibble will be done in Gimp, even if I have something to print, this is done through Gimp also.

For the color-managed print, I decided to try turboprint in the Studio-Version which also offers the posibility to define several papers with the related icc-profiles for printing etc. (The only disatvantage is, that turboprint will do A3(+) prints only in conjunction with esp-gs, but I hope this will change in the near future - A4 prints are without any problems but with greater ones I get an error-message (/rangecheck in --image--) from gpl-gs - in the meantime I installed esp-gs from ETCH.)

The things that I miss currently is a scan-program for my slide-scanner - but vuescan sounds like a high-qual alternative - and a picture-management solution (but bibble5 will integrate such).

Of course, these programs aren't free and open-source, but even under Windows the things aren't quite cheap. And if the programs fit my needs I'm willing to pay my fee... ;-)


Roland Mas schrieb:
Roland Mas, 2008-08-20 10:24:24 +0200 :


I also stumbled upon a blog dedicated to photography and Linux, which
has just published a "where we stand" article:



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