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No more Icc profile embedded with photos ?


Sorry to all readers for my bad english.

I've got an icc profile for my monitor and use it with the Gimp and Ufraw.

Yesterday, I wondered about gimp not showing up warnings about embedded
icc profile in images.

I tested some older images with my first personnal icc monitor profile embedded (2 months old). Gimp shows up a warning and asks what to do with this profile.

Why does the Gimp not show this warning again with more recently shots
converted to images with UFraw ? Probably because there isn't one.

The Gimp and Ufraw are looking well configured in there respective color
management settings.

Is there something I'm not doing well ?

I'm using Lenny with gimp 2.4.6-1 and Ufraw 0.13-1+b2.
The only things I've done is to update Lenny (mostly daily) and recently make a new ICC profile with ArgyllCMS.

Thank You for reading and for creating this mailing list.


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