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ArgyllCMS not in Debian... yet?

  Hi all,

The previous discussion, coupled with two big photographing occasions
in the near future, got me thinking about color management.  I'm
therefore going to end up buying a calibrating device, sooner more
probably than later, and I've read a bit about CMS stuff recently.

  Which got me wondering: since there's this nifty piece of software
called ArgyllCMS, and it's GPLv3, and it only depends on binary
firmware for some devices, why isn't it in Debian?

  I haven't found it on WNPP or in the "unable to package" page.
There is a package in the Debian Multimedia repository, but not in
Debian proper.

  Also, would anyone be interested in maintaining such a package, or
should I try to free up even more time to do it?  I'd be quite happy
to sponsor it, should a non-DD volunteer :-)

Roland Mas

LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rolandmas

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