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Re: No more Icc profile embedded with photos ?

Man-d schrieb:

I've got an icc profile for my monitor and use it with the Gimp and Ufraw.

Yesterday, I wondered about gimp not showing up warnings about embedded
icc profile in images.

I tested some older images with my first personnal icc monitor profile embedded (2 months old). Gimp shows up a warning and asks what to do with this profile.

Hello Man-D,

I'm by far not the real expert in this, but I try to make friends with this thing a while.

Are you realy sure that the profile where Gimp shows up the warning message is the monitor profile?

The profile of an (e.g.) jpeg should be the one, where the information of the picture is related to, for instance, sRGB ...
(	[some examples:]
	Apple RGB,
	Wide Gamut RGB,
	Pro Photo RGB,
	L-Star RGB
This is the profile where you do all the picture-editing. The used color-space is mostly different to the color-space of the different output-device (e.g. printers). [Most people will say that this one should be the one with the widest possible gammut, to have the most possible room of adjustments. e.g. AdobeRGB or ProPhotoRGB. My jpegs are mostly in sRGB - the color-space where the most print-services work in - because I also own my Raw-files ;-) ]

I don't use Gimp with UFRaw for Raw-editing so I can't say anything about handling of profiles in this configuration, but it sounds a bit unusual to me...

The profile for your monitor should be loaded into the grafic-card and additionally into your grafic-application, that the application knows, how to convert the colors of the picture to the colors of the output-device (in this case the monitor) and if you print, your printer-driver converts the color-data of your picture to the gammut of the printer (if you have a special profile for the printer with the current paper-type and ink).

> Is there a good, not too expensive device for measuring color on LCD
> monitors that works with free software on Linux?

The better ones are the eye-one (i1) devices, but you also can use the cheaper huey (and huey-pro) and the spider2 family even with linux and ArgyllCMS.

I own the spider2 in the cheapest version (this is the spyder2express, aroung 80-90 Euro in Germany). The difference between the different models of the spider2 and the different models of the huey is the delivered software (which you - of course - can't use if you'd like to calibrate your Monitor directly under Linux).

The spyder2 is currently good enough for my personal color-management.
And if you are interested, I could write a really short description with the needed 5-6 commands which should be used with the spyder to calibrate your monitor with ArgyllCMS and Linux.


Though, I had now a look into the Gimp Preferences.
You have there a point "Color-Management", where you can place different color-profiles. The one for the monitor should go into the Display-Profile (you can set there some other ones, e.g. one for RGB-Pictures, I would think the one where newly saved pictures should converted to and which is integrated into these -> but that is currently only an assumption of me.)

Hope I'm correct in my answers, but that's the way I understand the color-management till now.


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