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Re: Alioth → Salsa

gregor herrmann:

> A good time to get a consensus here before the name is
> enshrined in too many places :)

Agreed, sorry if my comments come too late.

> Thinking out aloud:
> 0) I don't care alot how we name this subteam.

Same here, just worried that others seem to care.

> 7) Reading through the lines above, I mention (in brainstorming
>    mode) "distributions" and "cpan" and 'core vs. cpan' as
>    options.

I like "distributions" because it matches the use in CPAN without
being CPAN only, but I also like "cpan" because is shorter :)

Regarding interpreter/core subgroup, what about "perl5" as used
by upstream? It's really up to the team managing that subgroup,
of course... It's only that I like shorter names.


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