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Re: Alioth → Salsa

-=| gregor herrmann, 27.01.2018 17:05:06 +0100 |=-
> Or maybe we throw everything under "modules" except "interpreter":
> group perl-team
>     subgroup interpreter
>         project perl.git
>     subgroup modules
>         subgroup packages
>             project libfoo-perl.git
>             project libbar-perl.git
>         subgroup attic
>             project libbaz.git
>         meta.git
>         website.git
>         scripts.git

Seems fine to me.

"modules" is a tiny bit misleading, but "others" and 
"everything-about-perl-that-is-not-the-interpreter" don't look more 
compelling :)

> Maybe a bit complicated with many levels but then we can set
> permissions as in Ganneff's mail, and after all it's just about paths
> which are consumed by scripts ...


> I guess I'll set up perl-team later and play around a bit. And maybe
> someone has thoughts or ideas before or after that.

I see that has happened already, thanks!

It looks very good, especially with the short descriptions under the 
subgroup names.


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