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Re: Alioth → Salsa

On 14930 March 1977, Niko Tyni wrote:
>> Would there be any problem if we use the same team name?
>> This can fit in the sub-projects gregor writes about, perhaps with 
>> renaming 'packages' to 'modules'.
> Would the permissions be team-wide or can they be subproject specific?
> IOW would all the people that are granted commit access to 'modules'
> automatically get commit access to the interpreter side too?

In a group structure of


anyone who is granted access to perl-team will have the access copied to
any subgroup, ie modules and interpreter. Anyone with access to modules
will have it only there, not in interpreter. And also, anyone with
access in perl-team can have different access in a subgroup, but that
needs to be explicitly set.

>From reading this here, and not being a member of any of those groups, I
do think the above group does make most sense. It nicely ties all of
perl (interpreter and modules) together, has a few global admins (those
in perl-team) and allows loads of added users in one of the subgroups
without giving them rights in another.

The gitlab documentation relevant for this is here:

And, as I read it once - please do not dump all of *perl* into the
debian namespace, its huge enough without, thank you.

bye, Joerg

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