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Alioth → Salsa

At yesterday's LHF meeting, we collected and sorted the status and
open points for the migration of our repos and surrounding helpers
from Alioth to Salsa. -- Thanks to nodens for the initiative and for
bringing this into some shape :)

* Alioth Services replacement status update
  * Mailing lists
    - underway, should be ready before Alioth shutdown. Yay!
    - alternatives: tracker.debian.org aliases
    - Shall we ask for a l.d.o discussion list 
  * IRC notification (KGB)
    - formorer runs an irker instance (active on  #debian-mysql #alioth
      #debian-gnome #debian-ruby #debian-gis), see
    - formorer has written a ruby kgb-client (which only uses relay-message
      and connects to his own server): 
    - Tincho works on implementing webhook support in kgb-server. 
      + Status ?
    - in all cases, needs to be set up on all projects
  * BTS Interaction
    - A webhook exists (needs to be set up on all projects):
  * E-mail notifications
    - It's working: https://wiki.debian.org/Salsa/Doc#Email_notifications
      + using list address or dispatch@tracker.debian.org (do we use that 
        currently ?)
      + it needs to be enable on each project where we want it
  * PET:
    - ask kanashiro/ansgar (or pet-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org)
    - alternative: https://udd.debian.org/dmd/?email1=pkg-perl-maintainers%40lists.alioth.debian.org
      + doesn't that rely on PET for the VCS info ?
  * Various other Hooks
    - see migration below

* Migration to Salsa
  * Team name
    - we need a team
      + name? '-team' will be appended
  * Accounts
    - contact current project members? just the mailing list ?
      + each member needs to create their own account and ask to join the team
    - we probably need subteams/namespaces
      currently we have
      + meta.git
      + website.git
      + scripts.git
      + packages/
      + attic/
      + do we want to keep this structure? probably yes;
        unless gitlab archiving (?) can replace attic/ ?
    * project permissions? Is giving permission with the group on the namespace 
    * repository migration
      - do we want to transfer all repos? probably yes. What about attic/ ?
        + there are scripts floating around
        + probably all without subteams (but we could maybe use a non-subteam aware
          script for the packages/ namespace)
        + and not written in perl :)
        + after the final transfer: a pre-receive hook on alioth in all repos
          with exit 1 and a helpful message
        + we might need a script which can replay the migration?
      - redirect map: https://salsa.debian.org/salsa/AliothRewriter
        + mass-commit Vcs-* changes? 
        + do we really need that or is the anonscm.d.o rewriter the long term 
          solution too?
     * repo management scripts:
       - setup-repository/remove-repository/rename-repository (in meta.git) 
         probably have to be rewritten to work remotely with the gitlab API
         + setup project
         + permissions
         + webhooks
         + libgitlab-api-v4-perl is packaged
         + we probably also need a "change repo properties later" 
           (like add/change hooks) script
      * .mrconfig (currently in meta.git)
        - piggy-backs on pet data (used by split-json-info in meta.git, also compare-hashes)
        - updated by setup-repository/remove-repository/rename-repository (in meta.git)
        - future?
      * our website: website.git
        - alexm has been working on an update with sphinx
        - pages currently not yet enabled on salsa, should work with the sphinx version?
        - lots of references to alioth/moszumanska
      * packages to update:
       - dh-make-perl (or maybe not much - Vcs-*: ?)
       - pkg-perl-tools:
         * dpt-alioth-repo - needs to use gitlab API
         * dpt-alioth-author - probably obsolete
         * dpt-packagecheck - only maintainer, Vcs-*: ?
         * lintian checks - mostly docs
         * dpt-get-ubuntu-packages - ssh's into alioth to connect to udd -> API
         * dpt-takeover - repo creation (uses dpt-alioth-repo)
       - libconfig-model-dpkg-perl: mostly documentation; Vcs-*: ?
      * Misc 
        - helper script to change git-remotes locally
          (and .mrconfig?); do we need this or is a global insteadOf Git
          config good enough?
        - ping-inactive-maintainers: has to be rewriten. not urgent.
        - some occurences in script.gt/* but nothing really relevant
          + scripts/qa/maintainercheck and scripts/qa/wnppcheck can just die

Let the work^Wfun begin :)


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