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Re: Copyright License Proposal

On Mon, 06 Jun 2011 11:06:40 +0100, Nicholas Bamber wrote:

> One consequence of this is that I started on Test::Copyright. The idea
> is that it starts by getting the license information from the META data
> (as Ingy suggests) but then it goes on from that. It looks for a
> LICENSE/COPYING/README file and makes sure that the license information
> in that matches what is in the data, and then it looks for the Copyright
> information in the remainder of that file. Then it makes sure that every
> .pm/.pod file has a copyright and license statement matching what is in

> To summarize Jozef's points. What we need is to improve the quality and
> consistency  of license/copyright information in CPAN. 


In my experience Dist::Zilla is quite good here, it allows to put
more information into dist.ini and then writes it into each module,
so the information should be complete and consistent.
(I seem to remember some room for improvement about ranges of years
or something like that but I haven't checked lately.)

> A release test
> module that checks for this seems the most consistent with current
> practice and so most likely to gain traction.


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