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Copyright License Proposal


As many of you know (especially the irc crowd) I am working on Debian::Perl, a module with the following goals:
If you want to discuss the module. Find me on #debian-perl. I joined the mailing list to discuss an idea I have about copyright and license.

Here's my take from the CPAN toolchain side. The CPAN community has worked very hard to make meta data available for all new CPAN modules. The meta data is in META.yml and META.json files in CPAN distributions. The meta data contains license type and license url.

My proposal is that the META.* files be considered the canonical source for copyright, and that tools like Debian::Perl require the meta data to proceed, telling the author how to remedy the situations. This will serve both Debian and CPAN sides, furthering the interests of both.

I have more to say, but I'll stop for now and get some feedback.

Cheers, Ingy

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