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Re: Moose v2.0000 upgrade

On Mon, 18 Apr 2011 11:01:17 +0200, Alessandro Ghedini wrote:

> > * Ship Class::MOP in libmoose-perl, drop libclass-mop-perl, add a
> >   Breaks+Replaces;
> >   plus: file bugs against packages (build) dependening on
> >   libclass-mop-perl in advance, fix those within the group to use
> >   libmoose-perl (>= 2) | libclass-mop-perl
> >   raise the bug severity of the others to serious, do NMUs if
> >   necessary.
> >   (That was the way we did for libwww-perl. The "cleanest" solution
> >   but might require more work.)
> Seems the best solution to me. 

Great :)

> There are not a lot of packages that depend
> on libclass-mop-perl (and all of them seem to be maintained by us), so it 
> won't be an hard hard task. 

That's good and makes it relatively easy.
Thanks for checking!

> I'll make a list of those packages (plus another
> one of the packages that will be breaked by the moose upgrade) soon.

Thanks; I'm happy to join the "transition task force", and I'm sure
others will too.

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