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Re: Moose v2.0000 upgrade

On Thu, 14 Apr 2011 09:33:16 +0200, Dominique Dumont wrote:

(just a short note, I'm mostly offline this week)

> On Tuesday 12 April 2011 23:21:12 Alessandro Ghedini wrote:
> > What should we do? IMHO these packages should be updated to depend on 
> > libmoose-perl (fortunately some of them already do) and 

Or "libmoose-perl (>= 2) | libclass-mop-perl)"; cf. the recent
libwww-perl changes.

> > libclass-mop-perl
> > removed from the archive, meanwhile I thought I could add a Provides: 
> > libclass-mop-perl in libmoose-perl, is this correct?
> I think so. Since Class::Mop might be useful outside of Moose, I think  
> "Provides: libclass-mop-perl" should be kept indefinitely.

Please note that there are no versioned Provides, so maybe providing
libclass-mop-perl is not so helpful.

I hope that jawnsy's knowledge about the Moose world and periapt's
experiences with the libwww-perl transition can help here :) 


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