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Re: please advice package names for padre plugins

On Wed, 03 Jun 2009, Jonathan Yu wrote:
> padre is named thus instead of libpadre-perl, as it would have been
> if we strictly followed the policy.

In the case of padre, since it's much more than just a module, the
name is reasonable.[1] [It could also conceivably Provides:
libpadre-perl if the non-ide bits of it weren't split out for

Things that provide actual programs that happen to contain modules
have names that don't follow the libfoo-bar-perl format. See debbugs,
devscripts, and many other examples.

> So, if padre-plugin is wrong, then I submit that also padre itself
> is wrong. It should be libpadre-perl.

This doesn't necessarily follow.

We have numerous cases in the archive where foo is the main
application, and libfoo-blahblah; provides some kind of library or
plugin that foo uses. See apache2 and libapache2-mod-perl2, for

Perl Policy §4.2 is a should, but like most shoulds in policy, it
should be followed unless you have pressing reasons to do otherwise.

Don Armstrong

1: I suppose a case should be made to clarify this in the Perl Policy,
but since it always was obvious to me, I've never bothered.
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