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Re: please advice package names for padre plugins

On Wed, 03 Jun 2009, Ryan Niebur wrote:
> libapp-nopaste-perl should have been named nopaste. This was pointed
> out to us by some CPAN developer (Alias, maybe?)..iirc we quickly
> discussed it in #debian-perl and people generally agreed that it
> should be called nopaste.

Packages that primarily exist to provide scripts don't take the name
of the perl modules they happen to provide. It's true that it's not
codified in the perl policy, but this is the primary exception in
actual practice. (However, they *may*, and often should Provides:
> if this were something that was actually followed by *everything*,
> and I was trying to break the rule that *everything* else followed,

Save for the exception above, everything that I'm aware of follows
this rule. If you think that more exceptions to the rule should be
made, then provide a patch to the perl policy and lead a discussion on
this mailing list to get it changed. Otherwise, best to follow it.

Don Armstrong

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