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Re: dh-make-perl revamped (not really)

Saw your follow-up and I promised not to continue but I think this is a
useful clarification.

On Thu, 2008-11-12 at 22:25 -0600, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> I will just add one last point here: Because we don't need it.

Yes ... I thought as much but I wasn't sure.  I realize it doesn't help
*you* (much - see below) but it would help *me* and github provides the
bandwidth and storage.


> Besides this, what does github provide? The ability to clone


> a repository and keep it public? Well, whoever can clone from what we
> keep in the Debian infrastructure into Github... Besides that, what
> does Github provide? A social network? (pfff...)

For good reasons, I am not free to upload to git.debian.org without
jumping through a certain number of hoops.  I can post a patch to this
list but that still entails more work for someone else than using git to
merge from github.

[*] It lets me exploit the freedom that git provides.  I have a server
and I won't use github once I've set up my own git browser etc ... but
that's months away (i'm busy).


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