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Re: Debian Perl Group meeting at DebCamp - 2008-08-06

> On Wed, 06 Aug 2008 18:01:21 -0300, gregor herrmann wrote:

> > debian/copyright
> > ----------------
> > * The group is no legal entity and therefore cannot be the copyright
> >   holder.
> > * "The superset of the module license and the Perl license" seems
> >   like a good default licensing for debian/*.
> > * Create a boilerplate that refers to changelog for the contributors.
> That needs to be created. Maybe someone who speaks en_LEGAL can
> propose a nice wording for "Files: debian/*\nCopyright: $foo\n
> License: $bar"?

I will take a look, I (unfortunately) have some experience with
en_LEGAL as it is overused in anglophonic lands. I really like the
current format however so I will most likely just nibble at the
edges. IANAL so I presume someone with more legal experience than I
ought to have the final say, or perhaps filter it through

> > * Ask contributors when joining the group to accept the "default
> >   mechanism" and keep gpg-signed mails.
> AFAIK there was no work on that task yet.
> > * We change dh-make-perl to output the new format.
> Gunnar has started to work on automatically creating a
> debian/copyright file in dh-make-perl. I think it still needs a bit
> more polishing; and I've included the copyright-creation in the
> --refresh option, together with backup files.
> So dh-make-perl is a bit "under construction" at the moment :)

In doing testing on the automatically created cpan2dist debs, those
that you can find on http://debian.pkgs.cpan.org, I have looked at
code that parses the Packages file and other logic so that I can look
at debian package data in an automated fashion. I'm a little
disappointed in the lack of tools used inside debian that are ported
to CPAN. 

Now I know this is a lot of extra work, moving internal debian tools
like dh-make-perl to CPAN, but I think it would be hugely useful.

Why? Because;

1. Perl hackers would get tools to build debs that are built by
people who follow debian perl policy automatically increasing their

2. Very useful debian tools would get polish and additional code from
some smart perl hackers. 

3. Documentation would have to be improved by default because of
increased public consumption. (Or that is the hope anyway. :) )

Can we move some of the dh-make-perl stuff to CPAN? I am willing to
do the work, or at least some of it.

> > Adopting packages
> > -----------------
> ..
> > * Todo: Write a "How to adopt a package".
> My draft:
> http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/howto/adopt.html
> (in svn/website)

Excellent. :)
> > Bugs
> > ---- 
> > * We have many old minor bugs open, we need somebody to triage them.
> Yes.

I have been thinking about writing some documentation regarding
this, especially after reading emails sent by ntyni (as well as dam,
gregoa, gwolf, djpig, et. al.) and being amazed at their ability to 
locate the source of what appear to me to be really complex
problems. Would you guys be willing to have me "interview" you 
via email regarding the triage process so I can create
a more "entry-level" document for those of us who do not have your
> And upgrade 3 dozens of packages ...

heh. Life is good when you are a DD ... :)


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