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Re: Pending uploads

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- -=| gregor herrmann,  1.08.2007 18:50 |=-
> On Wed, 01 Aug 2007 15:08:42 +0300, Damyan Ivanov wrote:
>> I'll try to add the stanza to dh-make-perl.
> Ok.

I've added this:
+       my $year = (localtime)[5]+1900;
+       $fh->print("
+The Debian packaging is (C) $year, $maintainer and
+is licensed under the same terms as the software itself (see above).

>>> Anyway, I have no objections to adding such a stanza either ;-)
>> Please do then. I know all this "legal" stuff is extremely boring.
> Oh, I agree it's important and I try to take care of it. It's just
> this additional packaging copyright ...
> I opened debian/copyright for libemail-localdelivery-perl
> and saw that it was originally packaged by Niko.
> What should I put in debian/copyright?
> (And the general question for group maintained packages is who should
> be mentioned there - the "first packager"? the Group? everyone who is
> in Uploaders?)

I think everyone who touches the "software" has copyright over the
changes made so listing everyone from Uploaders, including the years,
seems to make sense. The approach should be the same as with the "main"
copyright statements - all copyright holders are listed.

>>>> that patch looks intrusive and I don't see it reported upstream. Seems
>>>> strange.
>>> Niko?
>> I can live with this patch, but if it is useful and needed, better have
>> it applied upstream too.
> Sure, but I'd rather let Niko handle this.


> Ok, and then there was libnet-amazon-perl:
> * Homepage changed
> * DPG mentioned
> * Copyright for packaging added
> * new maintainer and contributors mentioned 

Uploaded. Thanks!
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