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Re: Pending uploads

On Wed, 01 Aug 2007 15:08:42 +0300, Damyan Ivanov wrote:

> >>> libemail-localdelivery-perl
> >> debian/copyright misses copyright for the packaging. Perhaps even
> >> mention DPG there?
> > AFAIK there are a lot of packages without this notice. Is this
> > necessary nowadays? If not: I'm no a great fan of it because I don't
> > think that the "craft" of packaging something is worth to be
> > protected by copyright (or it's not even possible; Austrian law e.g.
> > demands a "Schöpfungshöhe" / "Threshold of Originality" and I don't
> > think that this demand is fulfilled by using dh-make-perl and dh_*)
> > [0]
> One of the DAMs recommends including this anyway. See
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2006/03/msg00023.html

Yup, I know.
> I really do think that packaging is a creative act so copyright law is
> applicable. I doubt there are many packages that are simply result of
> dh-make-perl.

Looks like we disagree in that point but that's no problem.
> I'll try to add the stanza to dh-make-perl.

> > Anyway, I have no objections to adding such a stanza either ;-)
> Please do then. I know all this "legal" stuff is extremely boring.

Oh, I agree it's important and I try to take care of it. It's just
this additional packaging copyright ...

I opened debian/copyright for libemail-localdelivery-perl
and saw that it was originally packaged by Niko.
What should I put in debian/copyright?

(And the general question for group maintained packages is who should
be mentioned there - the "first packager"? the Group? everyone who is
in Uploaders?)
> >> that patch looks intrusive and I don't see it reported upstream. Seems
> >> strange.
> > Niko?
> I can live with this patch, but if it is useful and needed, better have
> it applied upstream too.

Sure, but I'd rather let Niko handle this.

Ok, and then there was libnet-amazon-perl:
* Homepage changed
* DPG mentioned
* Copyright for packaging added
* new maintainer and contributors mentioned 

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