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Re: Orphaning my packages

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006 10:48:48 -0500, Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> We could just close the trackers (as they basically provide erroneous
> information to any innocent bystander). In fact, if you don't mind
> (protest in the next couple of days), I will do so. 

Please go for it!
I was rather confused by them at the beginning (before I started
ignoring them).

> Instead of them, I
> think we could better work with some TODO-like files somewhere in
> SVN. 

If we need them ...

> - Modules To Package ( 19 open / 50 total ) - Orphaned Modules or RFPs
> - TODO List ( 5 open / 7 total ) - General Project TODO-List
> - Packages to Upload ( 6 open / 48 total ) - Request for uploading a
>   module that is already packaged 
> Those last three are the only ones we are really using. The first
> could be (and often is) replace by mails to this list, 

Though it might be nice to have an updated list of
/(O|RFP|RFA): lib.*-perl/ bugs somehwere.

Hm, I have a small shell script for this task locally, I guess I
could put it on haydn and let it write to our htdocs dir via a
cronjob if this is of any interest.

> the second and
> third require IMHO SVN access, so they could be replaced by plain (or
> structured?) files in SVN.

IMO the packages to-be-uploaded are handled fine via the list, maybe
a TODO list wouldn't be a bad idea (and before someone says the
wiki-word: I'd prefer a simple text file under svn control).

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