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Re: Infos on SVN

Hi Colin,

> You shouldn't keep tags in the same place as trunks of packages. Usual
> layout is something like:
>   tags/
>     package-a/
>       0.1-1/
>       0.1-2/
>     package-b/
>       3.1/
>       3.2/
>   trunk/
>     package-a/
>     package-b/
> You can then just check out all of trunk/.

I think this is a thing we have to think about for a while. We have to
figure out what works best for us and perhaps adjust the tools

The current setup is directly based on how the svn-* tools like the
repository to look. After reading the manuals of svn-inject a little more
closely, it seems to support the -l option:

> -l
>    Layout type.  1 (default)  means package/{trunk,tags,branches,...}
>    scheme, 2 means the {trunk,tags,branches,...}/package scheme. 2 is
>    not implemented yet.

1) We could keep layout 1. We then can't really checkout just the trunk
   conveniently, because the intuitive thing to do is to checkout
   svn/pkg-perl/packages/libfoo-bar-perl/. Having to add /trunk/ after it,
   well, it just doesn't cut it. It is not the end of the world, but
   having all tags and branches checked out all of the time, well, it just
   does seem a waste.

2) We could switch to layout 2. The work involved shouldn't be too bad.
   Some bash-scripting I suppose. Obvious advantage is a cleaner setup,
   checking out the latest sources of {all,some} packages should be easy.
   The disadvantage is that the setup gets more complex than in layout 1.

Any thoughts?



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