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Re: Automatic generation of Debian-Packages

Ok, as I've seen that no one disagree, I had created a project
debian-perl in alioth (which will be aprooved (or not) in 72 hours).
This project would aim to:
 * handle the RFP of perl modules,
 * Adopt orphaned perl module packages.
 * Document the usage of tools like dh-make-perl
 * Improve such tools
 * Handle the bugs of the packages under group's maintainance
 * Encourage CPAN developers that uses debian to help the group
 * Maintain up to date the packages under group's maintainance

I did this as a first step of actually doing something, but I don't know
if this is the correct way of a group doing such things.

What do you think?

Em Qui, 2003-11-20 às 06:27, Stephen Quinney escreveu:
> On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 07:19:54PM +0100, Dariush Pietrzak wrote:
> > > idea, but maybe a colletive effort of a "debian perl group" to package
> > > and maintain the missing modules could be a good idea...
> >  I would happily join the group, those package would not create too large
> > of a burden, i think the only work that needs to be done is finding
> > dependencies and specyfing them in control, thus interchanging
> > maintainers/maintaining large number of packages by a group of developers
> > would be possible.
> My feeling is that the first step (and best step) a "debian perl
> group" could take is to aim to takeover maintenance of all the
> orphaned Perl modules that are in testing or unstable.
> They are currently sitting there uncared for but may well be in use by
> many Debian users who would appreciate continued maintenance rather
> than possible eventual removal from the archive. At least with the
> orphaned packages already in Debian someone at some point has
> expressed an interest in having them in Debian which is not the case
> for hundreds of random Perl modules that just happen to be on CPAN.
> Another thought is that this "debian perl group" could look through
> the RFP list for Perl modules that are wanted and aim at packaging
> them.
> I think just packaging everything on CPAN would be a bad idea as there
> is an awful lot that is now unmaintained, is not wanted by anyone or
> is just plain poor code. That said there are almost certainly plenty
> of excellent modules that people would really benefit from having in
> Debian. It's just a case of being selective.
> Stephen Quinney

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