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Re: Automatic generation of Debian-Packages

I think that (as Colin said) dumping CPAN into debian is not a good
idea, but maybe a colletive effort of a "debian perl group" to package
and maintain the missing modules could be a good idea...

Em Seg, 2003-11-17 às 09:32, Dariush Pietrzak escreveu:
> > worte a little perl-skipt that generates automaticly a debian-package from
> > a perl-module. You can find it on my homepage
>  How is it different from dh-make-perl?
> >> Do you think it would be a good idea to use a (later version) of the skipt
> > to add atutomatily all CPAN-modules to the debian-distribution?
>  I think there are lot's ofr perl packages I want missing from debian
> repository, automatically generated packages are better then nothing, but
> package still needs maintainers.
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> Dariush Pietrzak,
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