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Re: Automatic generation of Debian-Packages

On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 07:19:54PM +0100, Dariush Pietrzak wrote:
> > idea, but maybe a colletive effort of a "debian perl group" to package
> > and maintain the missing modules could be a good idea...
>  I would happily join the group, those package would not create too large
> of a burden, i think the only work that needs to be done is finding
> dependencies and specyfing them in control, thus interchanging
> maintainers/maintaining large number of packages by a group of developers
> would be possible.

My feeling is that the first step (and best step) a "debian perl
group" could take is to aim to takeover maintenance of all the
orphaned Perl modules that are in testing or unstable.

They are currently sitting there uncared for but may well be in use by
many Debian users who would appreciate continued maintenance rather
than possible eventual removal from the archive. At least with the
orphaned packages already in Debian someone at some point has
expressed an interest in having them in Debian which is not the case
for hundreds of random Perl modules that just happen to be on CPAN.

Another thought is that this "debian perl group" could look through
the RFP list for Perl modules that are wanted and aim at packaging

I think just packaging everything on CPAN would be a bad idea as there
is an awful lot that is now unmaintained, is not wanted by anyone or
is just plain poor code. That said there are almost certainly plenty
of excellent modules that people would really benefit from having in
Debian. It's just a case of being selective.

Stephen Quinney

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