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Re: Perl policy / dh_perlcheck

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> I should have said would like to ... :-) I didn't know that you were
> reading this list too. There's no need then to send you debian-perl
> weekly news. :-)

I much appreciated that summary, because it was much more in touch with this
list than I am in general.

> In fact in doesn't check the perl version but do some checks in order to
> determine the perl package (perl5, perl-5.004, perl-5.005, perl-5.005-thread 
> and so on) that will be listed in the Depends field of the package beeing 
> built. Maybe I should find a better name ... what about dh_perldeps ?

Oh, I see. Does it use the normal substvars mechanism for that?

> PS: At the beginning I wanted a generic name because I may add things like
> automatic removal of .packlist file to this script.

dh_perl might make more sense. I'll take another look at the script -- send
it to me inb a wishlist bug report.

see shy jo

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