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Re: Perl policy / dh_perlcheck

Le Tue, Jun 22, 1999 at 09:43:00AM -0700, Joey Hess écrivait:
> It will? I've tended to keep testing stuff like this out of debhelper.

I should have said would like to ... :-) I didn't know that you were
reading this list too. There's no need then to send you debian-perl
weekly news. :-)

You have misunderstood the role of dh_perlcheck, the script was
attached, you could have read it to know what it does.

In fact in doesn't check the perl version but do some checks in order to
determine the perl package (perl5, perl-5.004, perl-5.005, perl-5.005-thread 
and so on) that will be listed in the Depends field of the package beeing 
built. Maybe I should find a better name ... what about dh_perldeps ?

It's a kind of simplified dpkg-shlibdeps/dh_shlibdeps for perl modules.


PS: At the beginning I wanted a generic name because I may add things like
automatic removal of .packlist file to this script.
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