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Re: Packages default config

On 12/22/20 2:24 PM, Michal Arbet wrote:
> Hi,
> Well, If I exec simple script to *only* core services I can't see *real
> functional* problem.
> On other side I *AGREE* that we have unnecessary patches/lines in debian
> packaging only because we are changing
> default RegionOne to regionOne in packaging historically.
> Thomas , 
> in order to clean up the code and remove unnecessary patches/lines in
> debian packaging  we should consider change default value of regionOne
> to RegionOne 
> as it is also in upstream code .
> Simple check :) 

Ok, you agree too, so let's change things! :)

FYI, I'm on holidays until the 4th of Sept. Michal, if you want to
proceed, go ahead, otherwise I'll work on it later.


P.S: The "standard" in Debian is to *not* CC someone subscribed to a
list, so please respect it (ie: I'm subscribed...).

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