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Re: Packages default config

On 12/20/20 6:45 PM, Arnaud wrote:
> Hey,
> Thanks for your replies.
> I am not saying that debconf is overwriting what I configured with ansible.
> I am just surprised that, by default, the configuration that is shipped
> with the Debian package (e.g. for glance) is having "regionOne"
> hardcoded at some places, while the default for OpenStack is "RegionOne".
> Also, the doc on OpenStack side (again, for glance, see [1]) is saying
> that we should configure the service with RegionOne.
> So, of you strictly follow the doc, you will end up with a *not* working
> glance API.
> Also, as there are multiple places where the region_name parameter can
> be set (e.g. in nova, we have to set it at least in neutron and cinder
> sections), we cannot forget one, because some of them are set by Debian
> packages with regionOne, while some others are *not* and are using the
> default RegionOne.
> The result is very confusing IMHO, and that's why I proposed to
> completely rename it back to RegionOne.

This is much more convincing than what I read before (ie: you're talking
about inconsistency), and makes me lean toward doing what you suggest.
Also, thinking about it once more, I realized it wont affect past

Michal, your thoughts?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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