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Re: Packages default config


Zigo, i would like to just correct you

What you are saying about the default region thing, well, the Debian
packages are setting-up a default "RegionOne", when the OpenStack
standard is more "regionOne", that's truth.

Debconf default is not RegionOne but regionOne :) , not as you said above ..
But, I agree this is not big problem, because region name is configurable via debconf (didn't check ...but maybe it is needed to dpkg-reconfigure debconf and set more sensitive user input to be able set region_name in debconf questions)

Kolla (and probably other solutions using deb packages) is not using debconf, not using postinst in the way how it is implemented ..they just set DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive and setting all configurations from ansible.

Kind regards,
Michal Arbet ( kevko )

čt 17. 12. 2020 v 11:31 odesílatel Arnaud Morin <arnaud.morin@gmail.com> napsal:
Hey team,

First, thanks for all the work you did on packaging OpenStack in debian.
This is amazing work.

I have been playing with the packages in the past few days, and saw some
eventual issues that I'd like to discuss with you.

First, I am *not* using OCI, mostly because I dont need it and I already
had some ansible playbooks to manage the configuration / installation of

As far as I can see, the packages are setting some params in the config
files, such as region_name or service_name.

If I am correct, this is done thanks to openstack-pkg-tools during
The thing is, for example in glance, the region_name was set to
regionOne insead of RegionOne (which is the default name in OS code).
The result is that glance was not working correctly.

Of course I can overwrite this params through my ansible playbooks.
My question behind this is why are you setting some params from

Also, I did this patch [1], in order to set region_name correctly.
Would you mind checking if this is the right place to do it?


[1] https://salsa.debian.org/openstack-team/debian/openstack-pkg-tools/-/merge_requests/1

Arnaud Morin

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