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Bug#508761: openoffice.org: Upgrade etch->lenny pulls a huge amount of java deps

tag 508761 + wontfix
retitle 508761 "don't depend/recommend Java stuff"


Michael Biebl wrote:
> Doesn't really matter that much to me:

It does.

> What I see after the lenny installation/upgrade is, that I have a whole lot of
> java packages because of OO.o. O lot of them don't seem to be necessary.

Wrong. You installed  the desktop task. Which installed openoffice.org
(thus openoffice.org-base and openoffice.org-java-common) and
openoffice.org-gcj. openoffice.org is a metapackage depending (amongst
others) against openoffice.org-base.

openoffice.org-base (the Database component) needs Java. point.

Your bug here was that the *upgrade* pulled in many stuff, which is not 
true since existing stuff just got upgraded. if you didn't want Java
you should have removed it from your etch in the first place.

> This looks a lot like misplaced Recommends somewhere in the dependency chain.

This looks like you should not install the
metapackage/openoffice.org-gcj/openoffice.org-java-common if you don't want

And turn off that braindamaged "install Recommends per default". In any case,
some modules (like openoffice.org-writer DOES Recommend Java, yes, but that 
for the reason that some of the wizards DO need Java).

The goal of tasks is to give people a working/fast OOo. And to make the
internal database work you need Java. no discussion. The engine used
is libhsqldb-java.

I don't like that java thing at all either, but you have to  live with the
fact that many parts of OOo need Java and that the sense of a metapackage or
a task is to install working packages. If you don't want Java, remove those

> Why close? I still have this awfully long list of java dependencies.
> If it's not OO.o fault, then please reassign, but do not simply close them.

Then it's merely a wish to remove those of the metapackage, which is
an outright + wontfix. And because I do care about the sanity of by buglist
and my bugcount I'd prefer to close this instead of keeping it open idefinitely.

Again: when you don't want Java, don't install the parts of OOo which DO
need Java.


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