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Re: repo setup for git-buildpackage

On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 06:14:57PM -0400, Eric Cooper wrote:
> Now, can someone explain the benefit to using pristine-tar in this
> situation?  The repo has the upstream source, and git-buildpackage can
> build the orig.tar.gz from it, so where does pristine-tar come in?

It depends on your release practices. pristine-tar only addresses the
problem of recreating past tarballs bit by bit. In Debian we need this
when doing Debian "diff-only" uploads because otherwise dak will refuse
the upload due to md5sum mismatches in the .dsc.

So, if you are sure that with approx you only do sourceful uploads, then
in fact you don't need pristine-tar. Otherwise, if you also do diff-only
uploads you either use pristine-tar or keep around elsewhere the old
tarball, as recreating them on the fly using tar in general won't give
you back the same tarball generated the last time.


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