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Re: repo setup for git-buildpackage

Eric Cooper wrote:
> But when I try to run git-buildpackage, it doesn't check out the
> upstream (master) source; it just runs "debuild" in a directory with
> only debian/ in it, which of course fails.  What am I missing?

git-buildpackage expects a branch with upstream and debian/ merged. It
uses upstream to create the .orig.tar.gz (if needed).

Sorry, I didn't take time to look at approx before. IIUC, you want to
de-debian-nativify it, and in the process, you want to remove all
history concerning debian/? How do you plan to keep a meaningful history
of debian packaging? It doesn't sound easy to me to plug the debian/
history into the upstream history, at least with "usual" tools. Still, I
think both histories should stay entangled. I will have a deeper look at
this, try my home-made magic on this and let's see what comes out.



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