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repo setup for git-buildpackage

I've moved approx from svn to git, but am having trouble now that I've
taken the next step of splitting the debian part from the "upstream"

I have removed all the debian/ stuff from the "master" branch (and set
upstream-branch = "master" in gbp.conf).  And I have removed
everything *but* debian/ in the "debian" branch.

But when I try to run git-buildpackage, it doesn't check out the
upstream (master) source; it just runs "debuild" in a directory with
only debian/ in it, which of course fails.  What am I missing?

(BTW, this is just on my local repo for now.  The one on
git.debian.org just has the results of my svn -> git conversion.)

Eric Cooper             e c c @ c m u . e d u

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