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Re: Depends clause of control

On Sun, 2006-08-27 at 09:20 +0200, Sven Luther wrote:

> > However .. suppose I factored out the literate programming
> > tool interscript .. who would upload it?
> Err, the idea is to keep them in the same source package, but to generate
> different binary packages. So there is only one upload.

Doh! Of course, your right!

> > [And strange and alarming as it may seem .. Debian isn't
> > the only OS distro around .. but I put this in [] because
> > I already know Sven's answer :]
> Well, ubuntu runs exactly our same debian/ocaml packages, there is not much
> difference there, so if you upload stuff for debian, the ubuntu guys will
> simply import them when they do a random sync.

Lol! Of course when I said 'OS distro' i was thinking more 
of stuff like 'BSD', 'Gentoo', 'Cygwin', 'Solaris', and ..
<Sven cover eyes> Windows </>

John Skaller <skaller at users dot sf dot net>
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