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Re: DD for Felix package requested

[ please do not Cc-me, I'm subscribed to this list ]

On Mon, Aug 21, 2006 at 08:14:55PM +1000, skaller wrote:
> > That's not the way things work in Debian.
> ??
> >  It is evident that, at least
> > since your latest request on 08 August 2006, no one has been interested
> > in updating the felix version available in Debian. Cope with it.
> I did, didn't I? The second request was for a DD.
> If no one were willing to do the upload, there would be no
> point doing the packaging :)

In Debian you *first* do some stuff, then ask someone else to do related
work. You don't start asking someone else to work for you.

> > You can get the package both from our svn repository or with the usual
> > 'apt-get source'. 
> I can't use apt. My Linux box runs Ubuntu, not Debian.
> For the same reason, testing is rather difficult.

Well, that's not our problem :-) If you want to do stuff for Ubuntu go
and find a MOTU. If you want to do stuff for Debian go, use debootstrap,
and install a working debian environment in which you can test your
packages, no matter which distribution you're running.

> > to DD, but to all people willing to work on the packages. If you're
> > willing to work on felix, 
> Yes, I'm willing to do it -- I just don't think I'm the best
> qualified.

Well, apparently none of the best qualified people has time/interest to
work on felix right now. So I bet your chance is now to become qualified
as well.

> I hope no one minds if I ask a few dumb questions.

Note that for general packaging questions you have plenty of
resources other than this list (there is debian-mentors and the
wonderful debian developers revererence).


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