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Re: DD for Felix package requested

On Mon, Aug 21, 2006 at 12:36:56AM +1000, skaller wrote:
> I need to ask again please if a DD is willing to upload
> Felix. Previously Mike Furr did this but he's not around
> at the moment.

That's not the way things work in Debian. It is evident that, at least
since your latest request on 08 August 2006, no one has been interested
in updating the felix version available in Debian. Cope with it. If no
one is willing out of the box you should do it by yourself, updating the
package and then asking for a sponsored upload of it, but after *you*
has done the work, not after asking someone else to do it.

You can get the package both from our svn repository or with the usual
'apt-get source'. Than package the new upstream version, make it
lintian/linda clean, and than ask for a sponsored upload. I will be then
happy to review your package and upload it.

> I think the packaging itself is maintained in the 
> debian ocaml maintainers repository, to which I don't
> have access (and probably shouldn't).

That's not necessarily true, the repository is used to maintain ocaml
related packages, and Felix is one of them. Access is granted not only
to DD, but to all people willing to work on the packages. If you're
willing to work on felix, and you feel more comfortable doing it in the
repository then we will be happy to grant you write access to the


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